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Tushiyah Advisory Services is an award-winning institute, and internationally accredited with the International Finance Corporation (IFC), as well as Learning and Performance Institute (LPI). In just over 12 years Tushiyah has supported and trained more than 50 facilitators, and more than 1500 satisfied participants.

We have tasked ourselves with making learning more easily accessible, with online learning, and certification now available to facilitators, SME’s, and external parties that may benefit from our world class interventions and certification programs.



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We invite you to our online Training for Trainers, IFC LPI International Certification, Events, and both local, and international opportunities openin...

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Hustle and bustle all around leads you to the Tushiyah online world of developing and expanding your skills to effortlessly build the business you’v...

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Capital City Business Chamber
Certified IFC-LPA TPMA Assessor
Trainer Performance Monitoring and Assessment - The LPI
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