What Tushiyah did

Tushiyah introduced Business Edge as part of a solution to Nedbank to further support SMEs who are at the tipping point of their next level of growth. The typical profile of such SMEs are businesses that have possibly received some form of Enterprise Development support in the past and are now almost ready for finance/funding related support, and could include both potential clients/or existing clients of Nedbank.

What was the outcome?

As part of the recruitment process, Tushiyah worked with B1SA, a database administrator to target selected SMEs that could be incorporated into the programme. Criteria used for recruitment and selection was developed, and split into two categories namely; qualifying criteria and prioritising criteria. With regards to the qualifying criteria; if the candidates did not meet one of these requirements they were excluded from participating in the program. With regards to the prioritising criteria; the criteria was designed to select the top 30 candidates, based on the highest scores received and also select candidates to be on standby if there was a withdrawal from the program by another candidate during the site visits and diagnosis.



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