Celebrating 10 Years

Posted on Monday, 6 January 2020  251 Views

This was a very special year for us, it marked our 10-year anniversary. Our journey has not been without challenges, but such challenges are what help us to be understanding of our participants business journeys. It is also the fuel that drives us to be better at what we do. Reflecting on the journey from when we started, we are blessed to have witnessed the coming together of our vision. Ten years later, the vision hasn’t changed, and it continues to be what will lead us to the next ten years and beyond.

While we have had challenging times, our successes have been much greater, successes that are linked to those of our stakeholders. Whenever a participant on our programmes or client celebrated in one way or the other because of our efforts, we counted that as a success moment because we exist to be a solution to them. Our successes have been very visible through our core pillars; access to finance, Access to market and Access to capacity building. As such, we continue to take on every opportunity to share what works for us and in the space as one of the leading implementers of ESD programmes. Our solutions continue to benefit organizations both locally and abroad as they are of international standards. We attribute our success to our clients, particularly those very first clients who believed in our vision, gave us business, still at the start of our own journey. Their belief opened our doors in the true sense of the word and gave us more opportunities as more clients started becoming confident in our delivery. May I add that some of those were owned and run by women. From this experience and more, we know that the belief that women don’t support each other is not all true, but that is a conversation for another day.

As we close our year and start a new year on a celebratory mode, we would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has journeyed with us in these ten years, we are indeed because you are. We appreciate your role in Tushiyah’s journey. The next ten years and more will be built on your great investment.

We would like to wish you a very successful 2020.

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