In business by chance, to sustainability through empowerment

Posted on Wednesday, 4 September 2019  736 Views

Life will give you opportunities to move, but at times it is necessary to be kicked into your destiny; so was the case for Eva Matjekana (40) of Modjadji Pulane Communications, who saw her business transform following Business Development Services training from Tushiyah Advisory Services.

The start of Eva’s business journey was challenging, and her company showed little growth. But what she did have was determination and perseverance. She initially did not even have a proper plan in mind. “Not much research went into it, it wasn’t easy. I initially thought I would focus on events but then I realised that maybe this wasn’t a brilliant idea after all.”

At a women’s event she had organised, Eva had sourced gifts for the attendees, giving the impression that she supplied corporate gifts. This led to an order to supply corporate gifts and Eva then launched into this business sector.

“I was hungry for something that could work. I had great struggles in my journey and at different stages I could not afford the instalments on my car and house. I even sometimes did not have money for food in the house. I needed change,” she remembers. “None of the clients knew my struggles because I delivered. I was doing what others could not do and as a result I got referrals.” It was through small business support that her confidence grew, and she began to knock on doors. However, in Eva’s experience companies paid lip-service to transformation and it did not translate into reality. “It didn’t matter what you were able to do, you were still compared to major companies who had been in the business forever.”

When she was approached by Standard Bank to participate in their ESD Programme, she was still quite pessimistic about transformation. “I was excited about the opportunity because - even though I knew I needed business development training - I didn’t have the budget for it.” This is a reality experienced by many in her position. Tushiyah provided Business Development Services (BDS) training for several Standard Bank ESD delegates.

Eva says, “The whole development programme experience opened my eyes about what I always took for granted. I learned the importance of letting go and entrusting my employees with work and to maintain relationships with my clients. With this new awareness I learned a great deal about minding the little things, such as spending unnecessarily, for example.”

She applauds the coaching from Tushiyah Advisory Services, which saw her rethinking the structure of her business and positioning it for sustainability. This is a big step for someone who had to do everything to make business work over the past 10 years. “I credit these decisions to the quality of Tushiyah’ s training. Our facilitators and coaches were exceptional, they knew exactly what they were doing. You could tell that they are very experienced which in turn made me relax and able to entrust the activities of my business into their hands.”

Eva says, “My highlight was sitting with different companies and learning that the struggles I face in my business are not unique to me. In the process I learned about a lot of strengths in my business. The motivation from other business owners pushed me to want to grow,” she says enthusiastically.

After all is said and done, the impact of the effort is judged by how much it has meant to those on the receiving end, and from Modjadji Pulane Communications, it’s a resounding ten out of ten.

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