"Tushiyah follows a strategic alignment to ESD principles ensuring the programme roll-outs tick the necessary governance boxes. 100% spot on facilitators are skilled in online teaching and content is above par. Any candidate that goes through a Tushiyah training programme will get more value than what they bargained for. Because of their insight and passion, nothing Tushiyah does is done without thinking of SED. Improving capacity and skills is the basis of SED and it is clear that it is part of Tushiyah‘ s mission. Tushiyah works seamlessly with the project lead and demonstrates passion and commitment to understanding the industry in which a client operates.

Training and development is not AMIE‘s core focus. Without Tushiyah it would be impossible to roll out the first ever development plan for black meat importers and exporters. It is a privilege to have the Tushiyah team in the AMIE Academy‘s force. It is a joy to work with such a professional and committed team. They look past score cards and governance towards building a better economy one SME at a time.

The Tushiyah team brings expertise, passion and professionalism to the project and ensures the success of the industry-first programme. We believe they are critical partners to the success of this industry initiative that brings insight, continuous innovation and a high standard of programme management."

- Surisa Nel, AMIE Academy, 2024

"Excellent delivery of a broad-based enterprise development programme in a rural community with significant impact to many businesses.

Tushiyah was a valuable and specialist business partner to Umsizi in delivering the Tsolo enterprise development programme for Harmony Gold. The programme broke new ground in terms of the high numbers of entrepreneurs and enterprises which developed during the programme. This resulted in significant economic benefit to large numbers of historically disadvantaged persons and businesses at a grass roots level, which further strengthened local economic growth in a poverty-stricken region of the Eastern Cape. The professionalism, knowledge skill, passion, and dedication of the Tushiyah team were exceptional. Umsizi will continue to partner with Tushiyah in driving inclusive ESD and LED with our partners and stakeholders."

- John Mark, Umsizi Sustainable Social Solutions, 2023

"As we step into the opportunities of 2024, we want to express our heartfelt gratitude for your outstanding contributions to the L&D Africa Network throughout 2023.

Your leadership, particularly during the successful L&D Africa Conference held in September, played a pivotal role in the success of our initiatives. Your dedication to fostering a collaborative environment and promoting professional growth has been truly commendable.

Your commitment to excellence has set a strong foundation for continued success, and we are truly grateful for the positive influence you bring to the L&D Africa Network."

- Margaret Jackson, on behalf of the Learning and Performance Institute, 2023

“I found this short course to be extremely beneficial to grow the business and to run the business successfully, professionally and in a profit-driven manner. I am very proud to have been a part of this as I now look at business from a different and more improved perspective.”

- Feedback from participant on Mining Qualifications Authority programme, 2023

“We wish to express our sincere gratitude towards Harmony mining, Tushiyah and their consultant, Mr Guy Cloete, for the very successful programmes, including the agricultural training programme conducted in Tsolo early in 2023. It would be a great pleasure to see this work continue in time to come.

Chief Vulindlela Mditshwa, on behalf of the Traditional Leadership in Tsolo, in particular under Inkosi Nophumlani at eMdibanisweni Great Place."

- eMdibanisweni Great Place, 2023

"We would like to extend our heartfelt thank you to the Tushiyah team for walking this journey with us since 2018. Having walked with our predecessors and the current taking over in 2019, we have to reflect and admit that the journey has been challenging, exciting and filled with all sorts of experiences and emotions. As the South32 team we have taken so many learnings which we will implement as our ESD programme continues to mature. I am sure the same can be said for Tushiyah too.

Thank you so much for assisting in the handover process with TEG, we really appreciate it. We wish Tushiyah all of the very best for the future."

- Zanele Ndotshayisa, on behalf of South32, 2023

"Tushiyah remains our supplier of choice and we have plans to continue our partnership for many years to come."

- Coca Cola Shakundla Beverages, 2022

"I am deeply grateful to Tushiyah for their generous support in advancing my career and my business. With the financial support that came as a result of Tushiyah’s interventions, my company, which was financially hampered at the time that the programme started, now faces a whole new future in terms of our capacity to deliver. Because of organisations such as Tushiyah, our job is made more vibrant and we have new energy to succeed.

The other good news is that I have passed my Plumbing Industry Registration Board (PIRB) assessment, so I am now certified as a licensed plumber with PIRB. Thanks for your continued support in uplifting SMMEs to thrive in business. Everyone here at Plumb Clinic appreciates your efforts and continued support."

- Plumb Clinic, 2022

"I wish to THANK Tushiyah for providing our company with technical tools and support they did for me and my business. The training was hugely appreciated and the quality of the facilitators that were utilized where nothing less than excellent. They were truley "subject matter experts" well versed in their areas of expertise, fantastic people and credit toyourselves. I learnt a lot, left feeling empowered and confident. I truley enjoyed the experience and I hace put so many of the training aspects into practice in my business.

Once again, many thanks and best regards for the future."

- Nathi Jewelers, 2022

"Project management was great. It one of my most pleasant projects and engagements."

- Vuthela/Seco, 2022

"The training provided by Tushiyah was very helpful to the Beneficiary. It has helped the Beneficiary make better decisions about his business and to know all aspects of business. The beneficiary expressed his gratitude to the Project Team."

- Vido Tyre Sales and Punctures, 2022

"I would like to take this time to thank the RBPLATS team and management for the opportunity and the resources that they bring to us small entrepreneurs. We as RHUTHENDO HOLDINGS we are thankful and delightful we applaud the programs that RB-Plat have bought to us mostly through the company called THEKVEST.

When I joined this organization programs, I was very green, and we faced many challenges. Since you stepped in, you have greatly mentored Rhuthendo holddings. We admire and appreciate all teams leadership. We are thankful for time invested in nurturing our skills. Theckvest have always been very instrumental in our business Encouragement and support, mentorship, fueling our business passion, we greatly appreciate guidance. the opportunity modeled us to be a better company. RHUTHENDO HOLDINGS managed to implement the skills transferred to us and we can see the growth and better position of our company mostly the business ethics within our organization.

We thank you many times and we can stand firm and say this words MORE THAN MINING THANK YOU"

- Rhuthendo Holdings, 2021

“Dear Tushiyah, I would like to report the recent project for which I received support from the personnel at the Tushiyah Business Centre in Noupoort. As the leader of agricultural co-operative named Noupoort community. I applied to the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform for funding livestock, feed, medicenes and delivery of all of the above to our fam adjacent to Noupoort in the Northern Cape. Support provided by Tushiyah was to check the proposal we sent and advise on content and business related matters within the required document . The use of the computers at the Tushiyah Business Centre was essential for the process of making the documents and eventual submission. Funding was approved by the Department of Rural Development and Land Delivery of 208 sheep, feed and medicines to the value of R1,180,000. The livestock were delivered to our site on the 29th February 2020. Noupoort Sesivulile thanks for your support and look forward to further cooperation over the coming years.” - Simphiwe Sike

- Mainstream Renewable Power, 2020

"I wish to THANK Standard Bank and yourselves, the training was hugely appreciated and the quality of the facilitators that were utilised nothing less than excellent. They were truly "subject matter experts" well versed in their areas of expertise, fantastic people and a credit to yourselves. I learnt a lot, left feeling empowered, truly enjoyed the experience and have put so many of the training aspects into practice in my business. Once again, many thanks and best regards for the future."

- Odyssey Security Solutions, 2019

"I would like to do business with Tushiyah as their professionalism is upheld and the staff is professional and knowledgeable. Deadlines are always met and they offer overwhelming support to their clients. Satisfaction score: 80%" - Sandisiwe Mnthonintshi

- Mainstream Renewable Power, 2019

"To the entire Tushiyah Team, thank you for all the lessons in the form of coaching, training and engagements which are appreciated. Mamokete it will be a serious atrocity if I were to not mention you. You’ve always made it a point that all my appointments were done, you’d call me and this my sister is also well received and thank you. From now it’s growth and more growth. And with Charles having taken the baton, I don’t have any doubt that I am in good hands.

Thank you Tushiyah, Sam, Coach Seoka, Mamokete and the entire team. To Charles, the future looks bright!"

- Namekhotha Trading, 2019

"I Onalenna Joseph Kolwane on behalf of Impact Resources would like to thank Tushiyah and it‘s leaders here in Kuruman and differentplaces. We would like to really thank you for your support and advices, not to mention your recommendation of the ESD grant funding from South 32. We are so happy and humbles by your assistance and patience in helping us until today until we got the funding.

Words will never be enough however we will make sure that we use these equipments to take this company to the next level and make sure we dont let you down in fulfilling that which we said we needed the funding for and making you the South 32 team proud."

- Impact Resources, 2019

"It is with great attitude that I write this letter of acknowledegment to you. On the 14th of August 2018 I Boikokobetso Moremi the manager of Mosadi Wamo Afrika (MWA) started attending one on one mentorship programme with Coach M. Seoka. our sessions were scheduled on monthly bases and there were very fruitful to MWA.

Mr Seoka saw a leadership and mentoring skill in me that lead him to recommending me to be one of the mentors of MintFresh company that was hired by National Empowerment Fund on a programme that was conducted in Kuruman for two months. That was the first experience of my entrepreure life for I got the chance to share and also listen to what other entrepreneures are going through in their businesses. The platform increased my self-esteem as an individual and as a young black business women.

February 2019 NYDA approved the MWA application for R50 000.00 funding of products and equipment that were delivered; all thanks to Coach Seoka for the checking and motivating me to apply for it."

- Mosadi Wamo Afrika, 2019

"I credit the decision to do the quality of Tushiyah‘s training. Our facilitators and coaches were exceptional, they knew what they were doing. You could tell that they are very experienced which in turn made me relax and be able to entrust the activities of my business into their hands. My highlight was sitting with different companies and learning that the struggles I face in my business are not unique to me. In the progress I learned about a lot of strengths in my business. The motivation from other business owners pushed me to want to grow."

- Modjadji Pulane Communications, 2019

"It is with great pleasure to write this letter to you at Tushiyah, your help and efforts are reaaly appreciated by us at Tlhops N More Your presentations and trainings has helped my company a lot. Now as I write to you, My company was successful on getting funding/ grant by South 32 I appreciate your thoughtfulness in crafting the in presentation and thoroughness in delivering helpful advices. I also appreciate your approchability and willingness to speak with enterpreneurs. The coaching sessions we get are very helpful to us.

Thank you once again for helping to create enthuastic youth enterpreneurs in Kuruman,with you our future is bright. Hoping to continue our warm and progressive working relationship."

- Tlhops and More Trading, 2019

"Caitze Information systems wishes to take this opportunity to thank Tushiyah and South32 for the financial assistance and all the support afforded to Caitze Thank you very much."

- Caitze Information Systems, 2017

"Tushiyah delivers good quality programme design, project management and implementation services that can be measured against international best practices."

- Sasol, 2016

“Tushiyah’s strong and constant engagement is based on high quality work and a solid network of key players. We can strongly recommend Tushiyah as a partner.”


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