Even when Tushiyah was but a twinkle in our eyes and a vision of helping the South African economy to grow, building blocks were coming together in universities across the country. Between 2005 and 2008 Abigail Khuluse and Marisa Truter were completing their MBA degrees and contemplating a bright new future. We began exploring the economic landscape, legislation, regulations and national directives to create an environment in which small business could flourish.


As national incentives improve and economic facilitation agencies were expanding operations, our focus became certain: by enabling small businesses we could establish a blueprint for making it sustainable.


Tushiyah‘s engines fired up. We team up with key players in the industry to ensure compliance certification, initially focusing on the Gauteng province. We learn from our experiences, rapidly increasing our understanding and expertise.


By now Tushiyah had employed a number of highly proficient staff, many of whom are women giving the company 100% female ownership status and 60% black female status - an intentional recipe that sets us apart, both in performance and ability to see the big picture.


The company continued to grow and managed to take home two unique awards: the capital City Business Chamber (CCBC) award for best small business; and director Abigail Khuluse is awarded Business Women o the Year award by the South African Council of Business Women (SACBW).

Between 2010 and 2014 Tushiyah established five new branch offices nation wide.


Another record year for Tushiyah, partly due to our national footprint expanding by no less than four new national branch offices. But we have not lost our initial values or young spirit, as you will find at any time you get to speak to our staff, country wide.



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Capital City Business Chamber
Certified IFC-LPA TPMA Assessor
Trainer Performance Monitoring and Assessment - The LPI
Head Office

Fourways Golf Park
Nr 32 Roos Street
Fourways | Gauteng
Tel: +27 (0)11 202 5029



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